"Heaven on Earth" is exactly what this experience was: heaven on earth.  From the beautiful kitchen to the sweet, savory, phenomenal food.  This experience left me motivated to step outside my comfort zone with my cooking.

                    -Katelyn, South Boston


This class is perfect for beginners and experts in the kitchen.  You can cook at any pace you're comfortable with.  Lila is amazing and fully supportive!  I can't wait to come again.

                    -Jillian, Beverly, MA


I really enjoyed the comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.  The hands-on experience and advice made me feel that I can cook these dishes at home!

                    -Kristen, Lynnfield, MA


Cooking in a magnificent kitchen with everything you need is awesome.  Lila has top notch ingredients and is very knowledgable.  Absolutely relaxing and inspiring!

                    -Julie, Topsfield, MA


It was like cooking at home--but with all the best ingredients and cookware.  Love the stove!

                    -Maria, Medford, MA


This was an awesome experience.  Cooking with friends was fun and eating the delicious food was even better.  Loved the menu selections.

                    -Linda, Wakefield, MA


It ws very well organized and the food was delicious.

                    -Mary Jane, Wakefield, MA


Wonderful experience and inspired to make the menu at home.

                   -Jean, Boxford, MA


Class was fun.  Food was delicious.  Highly recommend the Couples' Night Out.

                    Steve, Boston


The setting is lovely, comfortable, inviting, generously and fully equipped.

                    -Jessica, Boxford, MA


You have a great place to host a fun evening with friends and meeting new people.  Great way to interact around cooking.

                    -Alison, Topsfield, MA


Took my wife here as a date night and we both loved it.  We learned so much about the meal and cooking in general.  I would suggest this class for education and just fun to my family and friends.

                    -Cliff, Newburyport, MA


Loved the class--would absolutely come back and bring friends and relatives.   The small size is perfect for beginners as you can ask a million questions.

                    -Riane, Newburyport, MA


So absolutely welcoming.  For the neophytes and the professionals!  A new friend.

                    -Suzanne, Boxford, MA


The first and the very best experience with a cooking class--I have been gourmet cooking for over 20 years and was surprised to have learned as much as I did in one session.  I recommend this to anyone who likes to cook--Best experience of the year!

                    -Lisa, Back Bay


I learned so much and I continue to love to learn.  Can't wait to have another class.

                    -Janice, Beverly, MA


Lila was an amazing teacher.  The class was so hands on with plenty of assistance.  The atmosphere was very relaxed but you get that fancy restaurant feel.  Had a great girls' night!

                    -Amanda, Salem, NH


I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  Not only was it extremely informative but it was a fun night out with friends...made a great "girl's night" and the home and hosts were extremely welcoming. 

                    -Liz, Haverhill, MA


I learned so much about types of food, preparation of food and new gadgets that I can't wait to purchase.  Everything was delicious.

                    -Barbara, Hanover, MA


The class was fantastic!  The recipes were all perfect and everything was delicious!  Thank you for a great time!

                    -Sarah, Everett, MA


Lila made us feel at ease!  Her kitchen is beautiful and has everything you need!  I never knew cooking could be so easy and taste so good!

                    -Shanna, North Reading, MA


Yes, great class, enjoyed different recipes, awesome instruction.

                    -Nancy, Somerville, MA


A very pleasant, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and host and hostess for a beginner.

                    -Joannie, Wakefield, MA


Lila took her time and gave detailed instructions which was nice for a novice.

                    -Kelly, Topsfield, MA


So nice to enjoy a night out with friends and taste yummy treats.

                    -Cheryl, Topsfield, MA


I am not much of a cook, and I loved learning about the seasonings and utensils.  It was a wonderful new experience for me.  Being able to take food home was great too.

                    -Paula, Gloucester, MA


The open and airy space--loved it!  Great menu and wonderful teaching!  I learned a lot.  Loved the leftovers-all bagged up for us!!

                    -MJ, Gloucester, MA


Everything was delicious.  Very organized and great menu.  Also I feel that I  can and will make everything.  Thanks!

                    -Martha, Danvers,MA











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